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What happened?

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What Does It Take to Write an Essay?

At the end of the day, only word count matters, so we would like to focus on how to make an essay longer word count. In this article, we set out to answer the questions - how to extend an essay without going too wordy or irrelevant? How to keep it both informative and exciting to read?

We have collected some of the most effective recommendations on how to make an essay longer, and following them should facilitate your writing process a great deal.

No paper can be written without prior research. Before you sit down to write any essay, you have to conduct a thorough research. This is the only way on how to write long essays and make them worth reading. If you have conducted a research and are still wondering how to write long essays, then maybe you can research some more and find more relevant information to put in your essay or, at least, get some more food for thought.

Additionally, a thorough research will help you make sure that all the information in your essay is both relevant and up to date. A well-done research will generate a lot of information that one can consider including in his or her paper and no longer sit wondering how to write long essays.

So, some extra research will be beneficial in general not only for finding ways how to write long essays. This is another safe way to make sure your essay has a proper word count before you even sit down to writing so that you don't have to worry about how to add words to an essay. You can start creating a thorough and detailed outline for your essay as you research. In your outline, you can formulate all the major points that you want to talk about in every paragraph and then simply dwell upon them.

Here, it is better to put these major points in a particular order — from more interesting and important ones to the less. Having a detailed outline helps you to know what you should write at all times throughout your work on an essay without getting stuck in a writer's block.

With a good outline, you will never find yourself procrastinating and pondering about how to make your essay longer. This is a sure way how to make a paper longer. You discuss your points in a more detailed manner and give more evidence to make your argument well-substantiated. Of course, while doing in, you have to keep in mind the type of essay that you are to submit and what your teacher expects to see it your paper. In general, however, an extra evidence is never a bad thing for an essay.

As a student, you know that there are different kinds of essays that you may have to write. So, if you find yourself wondering how to make an essay longer or how to write long essays, there can also be tips specifically for particular types of essays:.

A narrative essay is the kind of essay where you tell a story about an experience. When writing a narrative essay, your goal is to produce an exciting read, and this is all you have to keep in mind if you think about how to make your essay longer. You can use jokes, give some insight into an issue, tell a story within a story, etc. Merely mentioning an incident does not constitute a good narration anyway, so you have to give as many details as possible to make your read more captivating.

You can add backstories, opinion pieces, descriptions, etc. You place the reader in the middle of the square, protected by all sides, and methodically move them forward, defending doubts and objections as they arise. With the strongest thoughts at the introduction and at the conclusion, you make it so that the reader -- or the soldiers, as historian VD Hanson pointed out -- "might be led by the former and pushed by the latter. The middle is just details. The thesis is the entire paper-as it is, and always should have been.

Once that is written, everything else falls quickly into place. The meta-theme, logically, is deduced from your primary theme just as your mini-themes are. All that is left to the writer is to simple decide a theme and record it to paper. And like Palahniuk, when we venture too far from it, remind the reader with a chorus line.

And if you object too much to rigid structure, consider the freedom this truly allows you none of which is ever permitted in the horrible " Schaffer Method ". Once you've disregarded-or been able to reduce to the subconscious-the actual form of the paper, all that is left is the ideas. Isn't that what is truly important? Would you rather parrot back plot summary or take the theme not only to a new level, but an understandable one?

If a professor can't respect that, what does their grade even mean? All I know is that this technique has allowed me both to remove any sort of stress from paper-writing, and even better, given me the opportunity to put to words concepts I'm grappling with.

Internalize this system and watch as it does all your work for you. See if you can beat the record: Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you.

What Was My Secret? Here is the outline for a hypothetical five paragraph paper: This will be the meta-theme of the paper. Example from a paper on The Great Gatsby: Sentence for second body paragraph.

One sentence for third body paragraph. Restate the hook and thesis into a single transition sentence into the first paragraph. Body 1 Rewrite first body paragraph thesis.

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