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How to write your own Psalm of Lament

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❶Looking for continued spiritual growth? More presentations by eliSabeth meindl intro to Psalms.

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Do you tell the truth when you worship?

They list everything like their parents taught them to. Thank God for everything, every situation, every outcome. If something negative comes to mind, find one good thing in the bad situation to be thankful for.

Remember the time you left the refrigerator open for twelve hours? Whenever you count your blessings, you are inspired to be grateful. The more grateful you are, the more blessings come to your mind. Your head spins until eventually you conclude like the psalmist,. Visualizing God's grace, goodness, love and faithfulness, there is no end in sight.

The psalmist ends with the same attitude that you will have after spending the time to compose a psalm: There will always be reason to thank God. This year, make Thanksgiving more special than ever, by sharing a personal psalm. Someone might put it to music, if you don't. No matter what, express your personal thanks!

Give thanks to the Awesome, Bountiful God! Who spreads love and kindness all over the universe; Give Thanks to my personal God Whose favor toward me extends beyond what I imagine.

I worship and praise You for showers of blessings: My physical healing, my peace of mind, the food on my table, My eighty-year old mother who still keeps me company, My children, all of whom worship You.

My thanks can never be enough, for You my Omnipotent, Gracious, Merciful God keeps blessing me; And I will express my gratitude all the days of my life. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Patricia, thank you for joining in a psalm of praise. Happy thanksgiving to you and yours! And may I only add Jill, this is absolutely beautiful! Your list engages all the senses and then your decision to appreciate without worrying is the perfect climax.

Thanks for sharing, Happy Thanksgiving! Hi MsDora, I saw this yesterday and thought that while I finally! Thanks for periwinkle snails mulberry leaves frosty mornings hot coffee seashells peppermint autumn leaves dried lavender dappled light on the forest floor and. Tamara, I come back to it at least once a year; but we really should write thanksgiving psalms more often.

Oh, I just noticed that I commented twice well, now thrice There really is only one of me last time I checked: Dear Dora, such beauty, and gratitude flows through your Thanksgiving Psalm. Your content elements give great direction beginning with our focus on the Father, just like Jesus taught us in The Lord's Prayer. Your heart is set on him and you bless me with your words! Love your new profile picture..

Happy Thanksgiving dear Dora! Tamara, thank you for your encouragement. Makes me happy when a reader is positively affected by a post. Very happy when it inspires thanks. In this world, we need reason to be hopeful, smile, have someone who understands all of our burdens, trust that our loved ones will be protected, and are cared for, and having something to look forward to in passionate anticipation. Your post, here, is complete in its ability to share all these things with us, through Jesus Christ.

And for this, I thank you! Irvin, thanks for reading and taking the time to leave a comment. Fantastic piece Ms Dora. And what a beautiful psalm. It's so great to always try to write or capture things we are thankful for the Lord doing when it happens so that we may never forget, that we will always recount the many times He has blessed us and that our very breathe is worthy of high praise.

Happy Thanksgiving and I know that your psalm will inspire thanks in your entire family gathering. MsDora, this is by far the most helpful lesson on prayer that I have ever read. I learned a lot with your explanation, so much so that I shall try to compose a Thanksgiving prayer for our family's celebration this year. Thank you for this valuable insight into the Psalm of Thanksgiving. Truth, you speak the truth, indeed.

This, written four years ago is a reminder for me too. Thanks for the reminders this Thanksgiving. There is so much sadness and trouble in this World, so we have to remind ourselves to be thankful for what we do have.

Thanks for the encouragement. It was written for the holiday, but I hope useful all year round. You are such a good writer and very inspirational. I enjoy reading your hubs. You are a light along the way. As the song says, "Every praise is to our God! It really is all about giving him the thanks and praise, isn't it? In whatever humble we can do so no doubt our Lord welcomes it You have a rich pedigree.

Thanks for your very kind comments. May God be praised that we can learn from each other. Dora, you have wrapped yourself around my heart. Everything I read of yours is a blessing because your precious spirit, your sweetness and attitude of gratitude. Your psalm was beautiful. Thank you for this gift. As an aside, William Bradford is an ancestor of mine.

My maternal grandmother's middle name was Bradford in honor of him. JTader, we can include as many element as we wish. It's our life and our thanksgiving.

Glad you appreciate the article. I appreciate your reading and commenting. So many elements of a personal psalm, so many things to think about as we give thanks. Good guide Ms Dora. Let God do the talking through you. Use BIblical Psalms as a guide. Develop your own style and poetic form. Biblical Psalms are in free verse, without rhyming. Use your own words and experiences. Disclose whatever is on your heart, even if it seems negative. Keep your eyes on Jesus. His ear is fine tuned to hear the prayerful heart, especially cries of pain and repentance.

His response may surprise and delight you. The Bible is filled with allegories and metaphors. It contains the language of the Spirit. Ask the Holy Spirit for the gift of psalm writing. Your words will then begin to flow and move in unexpected directions. Yield to the Holy Spirit. In lament, the petitions are brought to God with an affirmation that he will act. Individual Psalms of Thanksgiving: Take some time and reflect on how the last week or a time frame of your choice has been for you.

Make note of the predominant emotions you have been feeling during this time, in particular the ones centering around feelings of gratitude. Reflect on a particular situation or recurring theme that you know has caused you distress, pain or anxiety, and that you feel God responded to, and delivered you from.

Imagine that God is with you and that you have the opportunity to thank Him and also tell others of His goodness and mercy towards you. Celebration Times Sunday 9: Interested in exploring deeper? Looking for continued spiritual growth? How to write your own Psalm of Thanksgiving Psalms of Thanksgiving provide a way of giving thanks to the Lord for his goodness and mercy, to praise God for something He has done for the Psalmist, and to offer thanksgiving in the form of worship.

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Wilkerson advises participants to let four particular psalms train you, before you write your own: Psalm 55 – about being betrayed by someone close to you. Psalm 56 – about feeling trapped, pinned down or captured. Psalm 57 – about feeling threatened by a powerful enemy. Psalm 51 – about repentance.

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The Psalms is a great model for how to tell God the truth about your journey. The more truthful you are, the more vibrant your relationship will be.

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We reviewed each of these psalms in a half-dozen different translations and paraphrases, including the New International Version, the New Revised Standard Version, The Message, Psalms Now, Psalms for Teens, and Psalms for Young Children. And then it was time to begin our own writing. Writing Psalms (Instructions) I created a series of questions for children to answer in the development of writing a psalm. The age of the children will determine how long it will take to get the answers.

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Oct 29,  · Sharing a personal Psalm of Thanksgiving is just one impressive way to make the occasion special. Need some help? Psalm makes a good coachoutleta.cfs: How to write your own Psalm of Thanksgiving Psalms of Thanksgiving provide a way of giving thanks to the Lord for his goodness and mercy, to praise God for something He has done for the Psalmist, and to offer thanksgiving in the form of worship.