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❶With organization having better trained and developed employees organizations are able to avoid wasteful spending and improved performance.

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The service quality is greatly influenced by operation of different kinds of workers in hotel organization. Without proper training, employee and guest encounter several problems that create negative impact on goodwill of firm. On the basis of view given by Solomon and Michael, the regular attention to training and development practices affect business operations in positive way and aids in maintaining the ability of business to remain competitive Solomon and Michael, In order to beat competitors in tough competition, management should have to ensure about employees' expertise in performing the day-to-day operations in the form of maintaining exceptionally high levels of housekeeping facilities along with making sure about efficiency of front desk employee with computers and other technological tools which are required in their jobs Bruce, On the basis of a range of training and skills advancement, hotel organization can manage productivity of workers.

According to research of Mowday, Porter and Steers on importance of training in hotel industry determines that training activities assist management in order to increase the knowledge and skills of an employee according to requirement of job position Mowday, Porter and Steers, It enhances both quality and quantity of output of workers such as chefs, housekeeping staff and etc.

With the view of Khraim, A well trained employee needs less supervision in its job because he knows what to do and how to do that influences his self-confidence Khraim, Trained employee has certain set of skills and knowledge that assists him in efficient use of resources by reducing wastage of resources.

This thing improves overall efficiency of employee along with firm. According to Inceoglu, a well trained worker also develops some unique procedures and process of working in order to manage different kinds of operations in his job Inceoglu, This attitude creates positive impact on process of rendering various types of services within hotel organization.

So, company can provide best services to guests that will aid in developing unique images and improve overall service quality of business entity. The author Mentor determines that human resource manager can increase workers ability and efficiency in management of several job operations according to needs of team member and groups goals Mentor, So, employees can easily enhance coordination with other teams and team members.

The employee's ability related to group working affects outcomes of group along with efficiency of services. According to Khraim, personal communication and analytic skills are playing most important role in team performance and coordination among several team activities Khraim, By providing information and knowledge of current business practices, business entity can create different kinds of innovative and new services from teams in the form of variety of food, process of delivering and other special services that create positive impact on quality of services and satisfaction level of visitors Bryman, In order to match skills and ability of staff members with present industrial norms, managers adopt different kinds of training methods in order to enhance skills and professional qualification.

According to Guest, training objectives are playing significant role in selection of training and education methods of employees in hotel industry Guest, Training is a situational process as mangers cannot achieve different objectives with single technique.

In hospitality sector, Training tacit could be considered as cognitive and behavioral approaches. The authors Adcroft and Willis determine that Cognitive methods provide verbal or written information, explain relationships among different concepts and other things related top skills advancement procedures.

It can be called as off the-job training approach Adcroft and Willis, On the other hand, behavioral methods helps managers in order to provide different kinds of situation with practical simulation. It stimulates learning through behavior and practical experience which are best for skill development and attitude change. It is called as on-the-job training methods. In this process, several kinds of activities are organized such as Lectures, computer-based training, games and simulations which are the most common elements of off-the-job training.

In this process, hotel organization takes help from different external individuals, educational institutions etc. This training process is very useful for new candidates.

According to Armstrong and Taylor, the main purpose of on-the-job training session is to provide different types of data and expertise to employee with reference to task-specific knowledge and skills in work area.

Undergraduate and Postbaccalaureate Education. Early Research Career Development. Investigator Development and Mentoring. Learn more about how NIH Institutes and Centers may vary in research and training Contact NIH training staff to discuss how specific programs fit your training and career goals.

Explore this website for resources for training program leaders and individuals seeking research support at various career stages. Research Career Pathways Interactive guides describe NIH programs and links to support training and career development of biomedical scientists: Readers for Documents on the Page. The implementation of training and development are one of the major steps that most companies need to enhance employee performance. With organization having better trained and developed employees organizations are able to avoid wasteful spending and improved performance.

The value of the organization increases with better trained employees and also employees trained properly are highly motivated and have a sense of responsibility as captivating the organization as their own. Objectives of the study: The purpose of the study is to investigate how effective the employee training and development is for any organization. The purpose of the research is to conduct a descriptive study on the impact of training and development to employee performance.

Following are the some limitation of the study. The sample size is not enough to give the complete picture of all organizations functioning in Pakistan.

Data is collected thorough simple structured questionnaire and other method could have been used for collecting data. Time factor as a constraint as did not have enough time to investigate other organizations. An organization survives if it is performing well in the environment by being profitable but if it fails to do so the organization may not survive.

The benefits fall entirely for the employees and for the private companies. Under the participation of the stakeholders, the guidelines and implementation of training in the employees can achieve positive results. Primary data is collected through survey which consist a questionnaire which contains closed ended questions. Surveys provide quick, inexpensive, efficient and accurate means of assessing information about the population.

Also surveys are considered quite flexible. Statistics are used to analyze the data. Secondary data is obtained from articles, books and internet. For this study, descriptive research method is utilised. In this method, it is made possible that the study be cheap and quick. It can also suggest unanticipated hypotheses. Also this method is very hard to rule out alternative explanations and especially deduce causations.

This descriptive type of research utilises observations in the study. The purpose of employing this method is to describe the nature of a situation, as it exists at the time of the study and to explore the cause of particular phenomena. To come up with pertinent findings and to provide credible recommendations, this study utilizes two sources of research:

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Project on training and development by karan k kamdi (2) Introduction 2 Training and Development 5 Company profile of Indorama synthetics 19 Objective of the project. 27 Training and Development at Indorama Synthetics (India) LTD. 29 Research Methodology 39 It is the glue that holds all the elements in a research.

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Research articles related to training and development as well as Hr practices are referred for the same. Literature Review A literature review is a critical and detail study of previous research works and views of different authors on particular topic/5().

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The purpose of the research is to conduct a descriptive study on the impact of training and development to employee performance. The research specifically examines the employee training and development program within an organization. Research Proposal on Training and Development March 21, writer Research Proposals 0 Training and development is the complicated set of activities aimed at the rapid and high-quality improvement of knowledge and skills of employees.