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❶Throughout this speech, Steve Jobs successfully convinces the multicultural graduate population at the Stanford University Commencement to be preeminent in life and to pursue their passions by relaying three personal stories in a symmetrical structure that enables pathos to be clearly developed. Angelou 6 By this point, Angelou feels very confused about whom she is.

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All was seemingly well until Mr. Donleavy walked onto the stage and began to undermine the intelligence and high intellectual capacity of the entire school. He continued to imply that only the white school was worthy of new science equipment, and only highlights their athletic ability. Angelou began to ponder her existence. Her thoughts were dark and drab, until Henry Reed began to sing. We were maids and farmers, handymen and washerwomen, and anything higher that we aspired to was farcical and presumptuous.

Then I wished that Gabriel Prosser and Nat Turner had killed all white folks in their beds and that Abraham Lincoln had been assassinated before that signing of the Emancipation Proclamation and that Harriet Tubman had been killed by that blow on her head and Christopher Columbus had drowned in the Santa Maria. Angelou 6 By this point, Angelou feels very confused about whom she is. She goes on to think that no matter what she does, her race will always be seen as less than equal.

After a few minutes of her juggling some less than uplifting thoughts through her head, she hears Henry Reed begin to give his valedictorian speech. The speech was more than words, and it inspired Angelou. She began to see a different side of Henry Reed; he spoke powerfully as if Mr.

Donleavy had never been there. The more I read, the more I found similarities. My graduation was very meaningful to me, and like Angelou I was anticipating the day that I was able to walk across the stage and receive my diploma I had spent twelve years working very hard to obtain. The day of my graduation I was pleased to see so many of my classmates that I had grown up with right there beside me. I had never seen so many smiling faces before. Angelou describes a particular part of her experience that I relate to most, I gave myself up to the gentle warmth and thanked God that no matter what evil I had done in my life He had allowed me to live to see this day.

Somewhere in my fatalism I had expected to die, accidentally, and never have the chance to walk up the stairs in the auditorium and gracefully receive my hard-earned diploma. Angelou 4 By this point, I was fully engulfed in the story and was anticipating sentence after sentence. For the CBCS certification, what are the specific eligibility requirements? Eligibility requirements to take an NHA certification exam: To be eligible to earn an NHA certification, a candidate must: I am honored to stand and speak to you this evening.

I am very proud to be a part of the first graduating class for the Gaylord Heritage school. We thank the staff at the Heritage school, the Gaylord Tribes, our families and our community. I thought about what I would say for a long time and than I remembered what my grandparents taught me Being a sailor I got used to long and hard voyages of long haul fishing.

I liked night watch and feelings which grasped me and took my breath away. This feeling is unforgettable: The most important day of my life was the day I graduated high school. First it was a proud Moment for my family my mother, father and my brother were very proud of me, on the other hand My grandparents never thought I would ever make it to graduation day.

So I had to prove them wrong It was a great deal to me to As long as Kyle applies for the right kind of loan, learning about his options and how to pay the loan back effectively, he will be making the right choice for himself, his career, and his family. The Financial Calculators website shows that without a doubt, a student loan is a good investment because college graduates do earn more money on average than their counterparts with just a high school degree.

In fact,…… [Read More]. Exploring the Hobby of Photography Personal Narrative. Hobbies Everyone has one or two favorite photos of themselves, family members, or special occasions that they like to treasure. But for me, photography is more than a way of preserving memories.

It is an art form. I love to take photographs that do more than simply capture a moment in time. Although I do not have any formal artistic training, I love how the simple technology of an iPhone camera can give me a different voice in the form of being able to create permanent visual images of the world I see.

A good example of the power of photography can be seen in a photograph I recently saw showcased on…… [Read More]. Improving the Administration and Collection Process for Government-Sponsored Student Loans Introduction Today, tens of thousands of young people are mortgaging part of their future with student loans in order to obtain a higher education.

In some cases, these students do not receive the full disclosure concerning repayment terms, creating a long-term hardship. To determine the facts, this paper provides an overview of government student loans and how the different actors on the student loan side are involved with helping the student borrowers with loans need to be held to a certain standard.

The problem that is occurring is that the student loan representatives are not revealing repayment options or answering questions when students call. Therefore, the purpose of this study is two-fold as follows: Personal philosophy of education statement Although the settings that are used to deliver educational services today differ markedly from those used a century ago, the fundament purpose of education has remained essentially the same: The introduction of numerous technological innovations in recent years, though, has also resulted in growing numbers of educators questioning the efficacy of conventional pedagogy that ignores the ability of students to locate information instantaneously online about the 50 state capitals, the names of all the presidents, how far it is to Jupiter, or any of the other countless facts that were once widely regarded as indicators of learning.

Research and compare and contrast education in America. Carson grew up in poverty and claims education is the reason for his success. Is this an accurate statement? How does education impact directly or indirectly crime in America? Next, choose a district in an inner city and one in a non-urban area. Discuss the educational programs in each and then discuss the crime statistics within each area.

What conclusions can you draw regarding education and its effect on crime in the area? Several explanations of this have been thoroughly elaborated and they are based on the traditions popular in poverty-stricken regions, the unequal distribution of educational infrastructure, the standard of education in the less developed regions, the opinions of poor households and several others.

There has been conclusive evidence showing that education truly boosts the development and advancement experienced by a region or community.

Educational regulators and workers find themselves…… [Read More]. Business benchmarking processes were first formalized by the Xerox Corporation in Kelessidis, Formalized benchmarking involves picking specific performance measures or factors, analyzing competitors, comparing one's own performance on those measures with competitors, and making adjustments accordingly.

However, informal benchmarking has long been a part of business operations because of the natural need for business owners to take stock of what competitors might be doing better.

Some of the key purposes of benchmarking from a business perspective include generating ideas for improving processes, identifying new methods of reducing costs or increasing profits, and techniques for strengthening customer loyalty and satisfaction Reh, Benchmarking can be used by any business in any sector, and on any performance outcome.

In a workplace environment or at a university, benchmarking involves first…… [Read More]. Non Credit Programs on Workforce Education. Several community colleges have in recent times shown preference for non-credit post-secondary students as opposed to credit students. This trait is particularly common in the areas of staff tutoring and contractor training. Several of these non-credit courses are quite popular for their flexibility in meeting the demands of the prospective workforce students as well as the demands of their employers.

Important questions have been raised about traditional colleges due to the growth of this sector; these questions include the efficiency of colleges in utilizing resources and how well access is being provided for their colleges students.

Answering the questions raised above will likely challenge state policies and practices at colleges, although analysing the effects of this program may be a herculean task due to the absence of data on activities as basic as admissions and acceptance in community college non-credit workforce education. With increasing states and college investments of resources…… [Read More].

Kuwait labor market is one of the major components of the country's economy and has played a significant role in current economic problems in the country. Since the beginning of the oil era in Kuwait, the country has increasingly relied on a growing workforce labor market across all sectors of the economy.

Given the role of the labor market in the nation's economic growth and development, understanding the major issues facing Kuwait workforce is crucial towards addressing the current economic problems and promoting growth and development.

It is increasingly important to deal with Kuwait's labor market issues because of the decrease in oil prices, which has numerous impacts on government spending and budget deficit. Additionally, addressing these issues will help in promoting the nation's economic growth and development. Main Labor Market Issues As previously indicated, one of the major components of Kuwait's economy is the labor market, which is directly…… [Read More].

Inductive and deductive reasoning. It was clearly an example of deductive reasoning. Why did the researcher choose induction or deduction for the study? The study's authors clearly wanted to focus on Latina scientists and engineers and what leads to them being successful. As noted in abstract, the authors sough to reveal the mentoring and positive experiences of Latinas in the STEM field. Do you think the choice of induction or deduction was correct for the study?

If the desired data and things to check are known in advance, the deductive reasoning path is the way to go. If this was a situation where the author was looking for something else and came across the Latina STEM mentorship and such, then inductive would be the expected result.

What data collection methods, instruments, samples, or settings were NOT used? They used…… [Read More]. Pro Sports and Stadium Construction Trends. Multi-Use Sports Venue The trend in modern-day professional sports is for teams to make their mark -- to brand themselves into giants with millions of fans and followers wearing the jerseys of the athletes they love. Part and parcel with this devotion is the concept of a sports team having its own arena or stadium -- just like a god or goddess in ancient Athens would have had its own temple dedicated just to their worship.

Indeed, of the 30 Major League Baseball teams, 22 of them have their own publicly-owned single-purpose stadiums. In the NFL, a similar ratio is found. Among pro-sports clubs where arenas can be shared in cities that host NBA and NHL, multi-purpose venues are not uncommon -- but when it comes to strict observance of devotion -- the lone stadium designated specifically for 8 games a year -- such as the Cincinnati Bengals' Paul Brown…… [Read More].

CPA and accounting degree Letter. The author of this letter has been asked to presume that the author is a senior in college and studying accounting.

The general priority of the author in this situation is to become a Certified Public Accountant upon graduation and otherwise meeting the requirement set forth for sitting for the exam and gaining the certification. Two questions are to exist when it comes to all of this. The first is what the author is going to do to achieve the author's goals and the second is what, if anything, will keep the author from achieving the author's goals. While it is easy enough to say that there is commitment to the degree and the certification, one has to realize and remember that working as a CPA is no small thing and gaining and keeping that certification is no less of an item to consider.

The first goal of the author…… [Read More]. How will this degree help you achieve your career goals? Ever since I started studying business administration, I became almost obsessed with the ways large firms like Amazon or Wal-Mart manage their supply chains.

I would often start thinking about how I could do a better job, not with Amazon or Wal-Mart of course, but with other companies whose supply chains were not being optimized. The more I learned about supply chain management, the more I recognized that this was a line of work that I was both interested in and drawn to as a student. My personality type and traits also lend themselves to this line of work. Knowing always that I would participate in some level in managing business, I started to think more critically about exactly how I would go about contributing to…… [Read More].

Dual Enrollment Programs in Hawaii. Abstract Dual enrollment programs have become mandatory in about half the states. Although Hawaii is not one of those 25 states with mandatory dual enrollment programs, the state does have some comprehensive solutions for providing all high school students with the benefits of dual enrollment programs.

By opting out of some of the No Child Left Behind NCLB provisions, the state Department of Education has also liberated resource for developing its own programs, which are much more relevant to the population of Hawaii. The Running Start is the most renowned of all the Hawaiian dual enrollment programs because it was jointly initiated by the University of Hawaii system.

Moreover, all state universities in Hawaii participate in Running Start. Running Start mandates that the…… [Read More].

Managing Stress in a Learning Environment. Besides nurturing adolescents, all these activities combine to prepare one for adulthood. However, from a closer look, while in college, students experience various challenges in their everyday life.

The challenges cover the whole idea of a vibrant and exciting college life, contributing to stress. The vast majority Community Issues and Attitudes Although Of special concern to the Cuban population…… [Read More]. Synthesis Worksheet involving Development of Doctoral Identity. The importance of doctoral identity cannot be overemphasized. By the end of doctoral education, students must have skills, knowledge, habits, and values that are consistent with their professional role.

This identity indicates to others that an individual possesses a unique set of skills and abilities. Statement of common themes: Three common themes that emerge from the three articles include: American schools failing- RAVITCH In the last two decades, there had been a growing opinion among those in the public policy landscape on the public educational system.

They believe that public education has suffered a sharp drop in its rankings and is now just ordinary. According to them, the schools are "broken". The teachers and principals are seen as the major causes of this decline due to their low levels of sternness as well as expectations from their students. This challenge can only be solved if the educational institutions are properly monitored with no room allowed for excuses Kozol, The pressure was raised a notch higher in when the federal testing law; No Child Left Behind, was signed and this law mandated a number of highly important and standard examinations which were aimed at ensuring all students were proficient come With time, it became clear that this…… [Read More].

Napolitano is currently leader of University of California's system. Her program concentrated strongly on both the workforce and scientific and mathematical education improvements Bidwell, How were the Common Core standards developed? How were the Common Core standards adopted?

After the conclusion of the planning phase, states started implementing CCS of their own accord, on the basis of their extant academic standard implementation process. Board members for state schools…… [Read More]. Application of Orem Nursing Theory.

Dorothea Orem Nursing Theory A theory is related concepts, and propositions used to guide a professional practice. Moreover, nursing theory serves as the interrelated concepts, predictive in nature, statement explanatory that assists in understanding the nursing phenomenon, which helps to explain and predict the nursing outcomes.

Nursing theory is an organized body of knowledge used to explain the phenomena and supporting the nursing practice. Moreover, the nursing theory is defined as a set of definitions, concepts, assumptions, and relationships or propositions that are derived from the nursing model. However, the nursing theories consist of grand and middle-ranged theory.

The middle ranged theory is the testable theory, limited in scope, limited in a variable, and used for the clinical research. More importantly, nursing theory serves as the body of knowledge that assists in carrying out the nursing research. The objective of this study is to use the Dorothea Orem theory to…… [Read More]. Close Reading of Vandover and the Brute. Vandover and the Brute is a book written by Frank Norris who was an admirable writer who used his characters in a way to show how they were influenced and affected by outside sources.

The novel, which was written between and , was first published in and has become an exceptional text in modern literature. The novel is about the main character, Vandover, who slowly leads his life into inevitable destruction.

Actually, this book is regarded as a rich and entertaining novel regarding Vandover, an artist who graduates from Harvard University but ends up in poverty because of bad habits and ill-luck.

Similar to his main character in McTeague, Norris paints Vandover as a very brutish individual. In the novel, the main character is not only shaped by the environment but also the author. Frank Norris does not seemingly give room for Vandover to progress, which helps in…… [Read More]. American and Chinese Business Cultures. American and Chinese Business Cultures Though there is no universally accepted definition, culture denotes a set of values, beliefs, traditions, practices, attitudes, and behaviors shared by a given group of people Rodrigues, Culture defines a people's way of life -- how they do things, communicate, behave, relate with one another, and so forth.

Culture theory, especially Geert Hofstede's cultural dimensions theory, illustrates that cultures tend to vary from country to country or region to region Hofstede, These differences imply that norms, behaviors, attitudes, and other elements of culture differ across countries or regions.

For instance, the culture of Americans tends to differ from that of the Chinese, Africans, or Arabs. Culture permeates every aspect of society -- from organization and social relationships to communication and business.

Business is especially influenced by culture. Culture affects how organizations are structured and managed, how employers relate with employees, how decisions are…… [Read More]. Organization's Philosophy Beneficial Internship Components Internship and future career goals Areas that influenced by professional growth Areas I need to improve upon Experience that changed my perception of the industry Pros and Cons A Brief Summary of the Organization's Philosophy My internship was in Livet Reichard Company that organizes large gala dinners, well-paid art auctions, and pioneering arts-allied fundraising projects.

The company strives to create effective programs to specifically meet the client's requirements. From concepts that raise revenue and increase funds to plans that promote appropriate audience, and techniques aimed at generating publicity, Livet Reichard shines in developing distinctive and rewarding fundraising projects for all organizations Livet Reichard Company, Inc.

Beneficial Internship Components Confucius pointed out that a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. This period of my internship was a short but challenging experience. Yet, in the same vein, it presented many opportunities too. Online NP programs are of interest to working students with other personal and professional life demands.

This retrospective study consisted of 3, NP students who graduated between fall through spring Multivariate logistic regression adjusting for relevant covariates maintained these results with increased odds for clinical course failures for those…… [Read More]. Various Short Story Assignments. She is a disciplinarian who adopts strict rules for her classroom.

Her teaching style is a common-sense method with her former students and citizens of Liberty Hill regarding her as the embodiment of wisdom and gentility. Like Miss Dove, Leiningen believes in hard work, refusing to leave his estate despite a swarm of soldier ants nearing his property. Early in the story it is shown he is wise as well. For example, Miss Dove is strict, reprimanding David Burnham for swearing.

He encourages them to stay with him to fight…… [Read More]. Biblical Themed Short Stories. Soho House Membership Application. Membership at Soho House New York I hereby apply for Soho House New York membership on the terrace of your meatpacking location where we have been enjoying the most beautiful weather.

I travelled to Cartagena, Colombia last year where I met local fashion designers who gave me new insights about the global community. These designers taught me that networking and connections go beyond meeting someone and initial contact. Ethics in Development and Training: A Case Study of Brighten Inc. In an increasingly complex and dynamic environment, organizations must have a competent pool of human resources.

They must have individuals with unparalleled skills, knowledge, expertise and capabilities to handle sophisticated tasks. This is particularly true for key positions in the organization such as top and middle level management.

Nonetheless, having the right pool of leaders and managers is often not an easy undertaking for organizations. Organizations must continuously invest in developing the leadership and management potential of promising and high-performing individuals within the organization Lawson, This explains why most organizations have comprehensive internal training and development programs for their employees.

Nevertheless, for training and development initiatives to achieve the intended outcomes, integrity must…… [Read More]. Nursing Students Attitude Towards the Elderly: Literature Review The changing demographics in many of the populations in industrialized countries has changed the aggregate needs of the nursing workforce and this trend is expected to continue into the future as the population continues to age.

One issue that has arisen is that the younger generation of nurses have demonstrated through various means that their preference for their nursing roles within organizations is not for working with the elderly patients.

Therefore, a gap exists between the demand for nursing jobs that deal with elderly patients and the supply of nursing students that are willing to fill these positions. This article will look at two research efforts that try to focus on this precise trend and provide information about how this trend could possibly be reversed and finding a more optimal point in the supply and demand for nursing positions in the future.

United States Higher Education Problem. Thus, students' ability to pay for the colleges have been a great concern of the communities, colleges, and universities. While large percentages of American citizens intend to pursue their college education, the college tuitions continue to increase despite an increase in the number higher educational institutions.

The only option left for prospective students intending to pursue their education is to seek for a loan. To assist the students, the federal government has set aside the funds to provide loans to a student under the "Federal…… [Read More].

As a result of these experiences and the facts that have come to light regarding ITT enclosed in the Appendix , I am seeking full reimbursement of my tuition at ITT.

My hope was to learn new skills and broaden my employment opportunities. Unfortunately, I was grossly misled about what ITT could do for me.

The "tour" was where it all began: Structural Theories Organizational structure refers to how work activities or tasks are divided, and how relationships are established and maintained Corlett, n. Bureaucratic organizations are structured formally and may result in a pyramidal shape with the bulk of employees at the bottom with the least amount of decision-making power Corlett, n.

The bureaucratic organization can also take on the image of a machine Morgan, Morgan adds that structural theories offer precision in the design and implementation of organizational details. For example, the work of teachers is highly formalized down to the details of lesson plans and the measurable outcomes in terms of test scores. A core goal of a mechanistic, bureaucratic organization is predictability.

The machine image also demonstrates the ways an organization emphasizes speed, clarity, and efficiency. Structural theories illustrate how educators participate in chains of command, and there are legal and contractual bases of…… [Read More].

A thorough and Detailed Review of Student Perceptions. School advisory council demography: Birds of a feather. This research is about advisory programs, how they enhance and analyze the association with academic improvement as well as the positive…… [Read More].

Accounting a Great Prospective Major. However, I have always been fascinated by the order mathematics can bring to a chaotic world.

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Graduation essaysAh, Graduation, a meaningful word. Graduation - a ceremony at which degrees are conferred. That¡s the definition for the word Graduation. But this word means more than a ceremony for me. It means changes in my life, to reach a higher stage of my life, the time to become a new pers. Increasing graduation rates requires a continuum of strategies that engage students, including ensuring their presence in the classroom.” Essay on poverty There are many reasons for pursing a higher education.

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May 30,  · Graduation essay, will find many and many mixed feelings filled with joy, pride and happiness and tears that flow from joy after reaping the fruits of this fatigue and hard work after years and years. And also the joy of the parents with the priceless sons. All this will be found here in Graduation essay. High School Graduation Essay example - Graduation Epidemic My high school graduation was one of the saddest moments of my life. Although I was excited about graduating, I did not know what I was going to do with the rest of my life.