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2013-2014 College of William & Mary (W&M) Optional Writing Supplement

William and Mary’s supplemental prompt is:

❶Are there plug-ins that spark your curiosity?

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Here is some advice from the William and Mary admissions office:
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You probably noticed in the standardized test blog from a few weeks ago that we do not focus on the writing standardized test component. Do not run spellcheck at That significantly changes the tone of an essay. So make sure your essay is not only proofread and yes you can ask a friend, parent or teacher to proofread your essay , but make sure it uses complex and varied sentence structure, paragraph breaks, strong diction; in other words show us that you are ready to write for college professors.

Let me tell you, an essay can really make an impact on your application. Great essays whether great in topic or great in style or both can help me remember your application three months after reading it. Likewise, a bad essay can also be very memorable; but not in a good way. So how do we put essays in context? We know that most year-olds in fact most people are not poet laureates.

We do not expect Pulitzer-Prize winning essays. That would be unreasonable. We also know that finding a unique topic is hard, and so even those more generic essays are read and considered because we know that whatever you wrote about is clearly meaningful enough for you to write about it. We also consider any learning disabilities and language abilities i. We have no preconceived ideas about what we want to hear. Next week, this blog will provide opening lines from good essays and the not-so-good essays and help you distinguish one from the other.

So this is a part deux blog again. For more blogs on essays, visit our application process web page and click on the second of the two boxes on the right the Essays Made Easy widget. Thank you for this post! I absolutely love writing, but must admit that I am a little nervous about this essay. Thanks for the tips! Did you read the most recent blog http: It provides some opening lines from essays that tend to be cliche and commonplace.

Our next blog will provide some opening lines that are more unique and intriguing. Thank you for these posts! Can they both be somewhat informal? Rachel, you can insert a picture but two quick thoughts. Picture files are often large and could distort your document once uploaded and processed by Common App. Comments are closed on posts older than one year, but we still want to hear from you. If you have a comment or question for us, please email admission wm.

Alexis July 9, Thank you so much! It is the second oldest college in the United States, dating back to A public school, located in Williamsburg, Virginia, William and Mary is a relatively small university with just over undergraduate students. But, like many selective schools, it also offers students the opportunity to make their application stand out by writing a supplemental essay. Beyond your impressive academic credentials and extracurricular accomplishments, what else makes you unique and colorful?

We know nobody fits neatly into words or less, but you can provide us with some suggestion of the type of person you are. Inspire us, impress us, or just make us laugh. Think of this optional opportunity as show and tell by proxy and with an attitude.

For example, it can be a standard essay, poem, haiku, crossword puzzle, secret code, or decorated social media profile. Make sure that you do not focus too much on being creative in your presentation and forget to focus on what makes you unique and original. But what does that mean? Try to come up with something that nobody else could or would write about. Hone in on anecdotes or personal qualities or experiences that nobody else you know seems to share.

Brainstorm by asking yourself questions and evaluating your experiences. Think about your values, personal themes, challenges, and hobbies.

You can discuss your interests and passions that were not mentioned on the Common App. Is there something you do at home that you did not include on your college application? Discuss activities that give you joy or invoke a certain feeling of pride within you. Stories that are fun or funny are usually good choices. People instinctively warm to those who are self-deprecating. Most people instinctively think of racial, ethnic, or religious diversity. But diversity can come in a variety of forms.

Can you think of any ways in which you have stood out from others? Relax and have fun. Your best ideas and your best work will come when you are enjoying yourself, not when you are going through the motions to get something done. While you want the admissions officers to like you, it is your own personality and experiences that form your individuality. Take risks while you are choosing your topic and writing your essay, but make sure you have done the necessary work to ensure that your essay is written well.

Sign up for the The Admissions Strategist newsletter to get the latest information on college and career success. Made my life so much easier! Here is some advice from the William and Mary admissions office: The essay is limited to words so stay focused on what you are trying to communicate. Try to avoid topics that are commonplace for and year-old high school students like sports injuries, service trips, divorce of parents, or a death in the family.

Unique is good but outlandish is not better unless you are providing genuine insight into your personality or achievements. Review your application and try to find aspects of your life or personality that are not illustrated elsewhere in the application. Do you have a hobby or talent or quality that is not listed anywhere else on the application but is an important part of your life or self-image?

Make sure you proofread your essay. William and Mary uses this essay as an opportunity to assess your writing abilities, so make sure that you pay attention to grammar, punctuation, spelling, and usage. They already know about their school. They want to know about you. Do you have a fear of mashed potatoes?

Speculate as to why you do and discuss how this phobia has impacted your life. Other essay examples include: Have you done unique service work? William and Mary emphasizes community service. If you have done some service work that demonstrates your commitment to service but it is not something that other students have done, this might be a good avenue to pursue.

Was there a time when you stood up for someone who was being bullied or treated poorly by others and ended up getting picked on as a result? Why did you do it? How did it affect you? Another similar choice might be focusing on an experience that involved risk.

You auditioned for the high school musical although you had no previous acting, singing, or dancing experience.

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