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❶What are Nimbostratus clouds? What are Red Flag Warnings?

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What is weather? How does weather differ around the world?
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How is snow formed? What is a solar eclipse? Why do I sometimes see a "ring" around the moon or sun? What is a "Sun Dog"? What are sun pillars? What are crepuscular rays? How can you tell what time it is by looking at the sun? What is the sun made of? What is the UV index? Why is there more sunlight in the summer than in the winter? Why is the coolest part of the day typically just before sunrise?

Why is late January the coldest part of winter when the sun seems to be returning back into the northern hemisphere? What determines daily temperatures? How do you determine RealFeel temperature? What is wind chill? Is it true that you can use thunder to tell how far away a storm is? What is a supercell thunderstorm? When are thunderstorms most likely to occur? Where are thunderstorms most likely to occur? What are the dangers associated with thunderstorms?

What causes a thunderstorm? What is a thunderstorm? Can you tell how far away a thunderstorm is? If a tornado is headed towards you, what should you do to stay safe? How do meteorologists determine how fast the winds are in a tornado? What is a landspout? What is a waterspout? What is a funnel cloud? Why are tornado warnings issued? When are tornadoes most likely to occur? What is a fire tornado? Where are tornadoes most likely to occur? How do tornadoes die?

What is the difference between a Tornado Watch and a Tornado Warning? How do tornadoes form? What is a tornado? What is a gustnado? Why do volcanoes erupt? What are the different types of volcanoes? What is a volcano? How long does it take for lava to cool down? What is the difference between lava and magma? What is the largest active volcano? How many volcanoes are there? When did Mount St. What is a "Halo"?

What is a mirage? What is a blue moon? What are the Northern Lights? Which weather hazard causes the most fatalities? How do firefighters put out the wildfires? What are some ways to prevent wildfires? Why do lifeguards make everyone get out of the water when thunder is heard even if it is not raining?

What is a Weather Radio? What is a wildfire? Where can wildfires occur? What are Red Flag Warnings? What are the polar easterlies? What is a land breeze? What is a sea breeze?

What are the prevailing westerlies? How is wind helpful to Earth? What are the doldrums? What are the global wind patterns? What is a knot? How do windmills work? What is the Beaufort Scale? The temperature that day rose to The UK gets very cold snaps when winds from the north blow icy weather down from the arctic regions. In the winter when the northern hemisphere is furthest from the sun we sometimes we get clear skies with bitterly cold wind, as well as snow.

The coldest temperature ever recorded in the UK was in Braemar in Scotland in Storms generally form when a large section of cold dry air bashes into a large section of warm moist air.

Storms tend to have thick dark clouds and strong winds. There is often heavy rain or sleet, hail or snow, and thunder and lightning. Many countries such as those in Asia and North America experience extreme winds and storms such as hurricanes, cyclones, tornadoes.

These all have very strong winds which can knock buildings over and rip trees up from the ground. They can also cause flooding. Some countries, such as Brazil , Kenya and Indonisia experience extreme heat, where temperatures reach over degrees. These countries have the Equator running through them and are closest to the sun. They have a tropical climate. People in these countries try to avoid the hottest parts of the day by staying indoors. Extreme temperatures like these can be very dangerous if people are outside for prolonged periods.

Countries towards the north and south of the earth have a much colder climate. Parts of Russia and Greenland and parts of Canada are in the Polar Regions and experience a tundra climate.

They have long cold winters and their summers are pretty cold too. Weather stations are dotted all over the place on level ground that is away from trees, buildings and hills or mountains. They are a small area where special equipment is used to record the weather. Equipment includes rain gauges, anemometers, thermometers, barometers and sun gauges. We need to know what the weather is going to be each day so that we know what to wear.

On hot sunny days we wear cool light clothes, while on cold, rainy days we need more layers like jumpers and a waterproof coat. Weather is predicted using satellite images of the Earth and weather stations.

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Weather Homework Help. But where does this energy homework from? Often we get help from weather sources, such as wind, help, and sunlight, and in this lesson, you'll learn how these can be converted to electricity for our everyday use. weather The thermometer and the barometer are some of the oldest and weather common weather homework. The homework measures temperature, and the barometer help atmospheric pressure. Atmospheric pressure is also called barometric creative writing editing services.