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Verizon Wireless Phone Number

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800 Number for Verizon

Verizon Customer Service Phone Numbers
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Mactron el Camino Real Premium Member join: A single phone number is pointless if you have to spend 20 minutes arguing with a voice recognition system that doesn't recognize anything you want.

Instead of having a billion numbers to call, u just call the one number, and go through the prompts to direct you to the right dept. So it wont be easyer in terms of navigation, just in rembering one number. One number means long holding time.

I hope this ends the fiasco of being transferred from One Fiber Solution Center to the other. Hopefully this is just the beginning of efficient solutions aimed at helping customers. I wonder if they still ask, insist, demand and finally give up on you giving them your phone number to look up your account even if you don't have a verizon landline or cell phone.

How about putting people on the other end of the new support lines that ask relevant questions instead of: Is your modem plugged in? Please turn it off and back on The reason your modem won't sync is because you have spyware all said in a very heavy accent, difficult to understand. That's probably why they have 1 supporrt number now. All of the calls are probably going to India now lol. Will this fix the problem with their craptastic phone support where I am transferred 20 times before I can speak to someone in the business FiOS support group?

Anyway, the typical call goes something like this: VERY frustrating and absurd that a company can't handle routing calls when there is no phone line associated with the account. I called verizon to check on my fios install order and I ended up being transferred to someone in India. When you consider that the CSR "machine" on the other end is still the same, where's the improvement?

That would eliminate an added routing choice for the caller. Hopefully they won't EVER consolidate FiOS and DSL tech support since they are two separate animals and putting them together would simply create a black hole for useful information outflow.

Except for one instance, when I got a really good phone CSR, they are the ones who have been the best solution for my problems plus, there's a tangible record of the exchange which is woefully missing on the phone side. Don't want to sound "Eeyorish" but I guess it remains to be seen.

They only need a single number. There is only one person to answer anyway. And this took how long? At least 10 years? Maybe someone will come up with some more common sense ideas to run the company better in the future. This will not fix anything. You will have to go through more menus. Then you will probably be on hold even longer.

They are not support, They are just there to tell you that the problem is your fault and never theirs. They don't offer support.

If you can convince them that they aren't able to help you they will forward you to someone else that will go through the same menu telling you that they have no problems on their end and that it is you fault no matter what.

Again none of this will help. I don't believe anything they say anymore. Radio Active My pappy's a pistol Premium Member join: I've had fios triple play for almost three years now, and I've always been able to get right to tech support by just dialing "zero" on my pots phone.

I always tell the ppl calling me for help to dial the Enter ur number then just hit 0 or say agent. BAM ur at Fios support! These guys have the worst customer service I've ever experienced and their voice prompt system sucks. It just burns up time. It's far worse now with their system. First time I tried to use it I was on hold so long it took out the battery on my cordless phone and I had to switch. They're CEO has got his head up his butt.

I can't wait to move out of Verizon territory. To speak to the right person on the first call??? They won't staff people who can handle inquiries from IT admins who are having problems with their own hosting, even when the problems are Verizon's fault. When I got static IPs for a business switching to Verizon from a local DSL carrier, they allocated the IPs from a range of addresses that also included dynamic addresses for their home users, and when the business found themselves on SORBS's "dynamic IP" blacklists I spent 10 hours on the phone with 10 different techs in 10 different departments trying to explain to them that it was their problem to solve SORBS only accepts dynamic IP delisting requests from ISP representatives.

Most of them got hung up on the word "blacklist" and just kept telling me to submit whitelist requests. Continually have issues with my service. I just found out on that Verizon has sent a account with my name to collection. I never had a Verizon account now or in the pass. I found this out by looking at my credit report. I called Verizon and was passed around from department to department with no help to resolve this problem. I was told to go on line and file a fraud form.

I have been on line for two hours now. I have been looking at the same problem with other people. I still have not been able to get to there fraud forms. Verizon has not been given me any help with resolving this account. I was told to fill out a fraud form that I cannot find on line. Then wait 30 — 60 days for Verizon to investigate there problems. In one day I have spent Four hours on the phone and on line trying to get Verizon to look and fix this problem.

I have not been this Mad for years!!!! Verizon should be charged for creating this problems then make me chase down there down fall. Similar issue of incorrect reporting on my Bureaus from Jan 18, ? I had there Services almost 20 yrs. Obviously, I would not ignore such a small amt and tarnish my Credit rating.

He said it has been turned over to Collections but if I paid that day it would not affect my Bureau or my positive standing with them. Gave him payment info over phone. Kept my receipt as CYA. Darn good thing I did, ugh? Now, I see they failed to correct the Collection status on my Bureau..? I will not turn the other cheek for their mistake, as this affects my Credit Score. Plus the fact it is principle of correct reporting.

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Home > Phone Company > Verizon. Verizon Wireless Phone Number Number for Verizon Verizon Customer Service: How to Call Verizon: to contact Verizon customer service use the toll free number above.

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Mar 13,  · Verizon Wireless Customer Service Phone Numbers and Contacts: Main Verizon Customer Service Phone Numbers: or – You can also dial * from your mobile phone.5/5(2). Contact Verizon Support. Need Verizon Fios Internet, TV, phone, or billing support? Choose a topic so we can connect you with the right customer service agent more quickly.

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How To Contact Verizon. Welcome to Verizon Wireless. Starting with your area code, please enter the Verizon Wireless number you are currently calling about. If you are not yet a customer, press the pound key. To become a new customer or for support with your prepaid device, press 1. Verizon Wireless Customer Service Number: Verizon Wireless is America’s Largest and Most Reliable Wireless Network. Make calls, send emails and download files on America’s largest and most reliable wireless network.