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EMPIRE ESSAY: The Matrix Review

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❶The stakes are raised higher as AI agents arrive more ego defenses to take in Mr.

Matrix Film

Reality is virtual reality, a monstrous programme called The Matrix generated by an evil empire of man-built artificial intelligences who rule the dystopian horror of the real world. Mankind's entire existence is being hardwired directly into human brains, while the machines imprison them in womblike pods, tapping their neural cortex for battery power. There is, though, a band of rebels who have broken free and are intent on liberating humanity from their unsuspected bondage by downloading themselves into the manufactured dreamworld.

What they need is a messiah. Enter Thomas "Neo" Anderson Keanu Reeves — the archetypal reluctant hero who may, if he can be convinced, have just the cyberchops to undo The Matrix. Former construction workers, the brothers Wachowski harboured their vision for five and a half years, working their way through 14 drafts of the screenplay and, as comic freaks, projected their vision onto elaborate storyboards.

After the witty slice of lesbian noir now: However, no one could have foreseen the hyperspace jump that was to be their cinematic vision for The Matrix. With the concept sly enough to allow almost anything — this reality is virtual — superpowers are permissible leaping from tall buildings, dodging bullets, hyper-kinetic kung fu.

To represent this, they tapped an emergent visual technology known as flo-mo, a process which allows a seemingly impossible time-jamming graphic where Keanu freezes mid kick while the camera rotates dizzyingly around him. Dazzlingly versatile, it presented an entirely new type of visual lexicon. The Matrix looked like nothing you'd ever seen before at the movies.

Reeves' Neo is a reactionary part, but it plays on his sculpted beauty, and dressed up in patent leather and designer shades he evokes an effortless cool. The burden of explanation falls to Lawrence Fisburne's Morpheus, the man is a well of gravitas and no matter how ludicrous his expounding it still rings with an ironclad conviction.

The bad guy fraternity all MiB in suits and the obligatory shades are defensive programmes led by the unearthly clipped tones of Hugo Weaving — also able to toy with the fabric of The Matrix. And entirely on the surface — a grim noir sheen somewhere between a Depeche Mode video and Blade Runner's retrofitted near future — the movie operates satisfactorily as a good against insurmountable odds of bad axis. But if you think The Matrix is just brainless action, think again. Beyond the gawping pleasures of its flo-mo prowess and the more obviously reverential stylistic nods Alien, Blade Runner, Film Noir, German Expressionism, Star Wars, the Wachowski's script is a labyrinth of classical references melting into William Gibson's cyberpunk milieu.

Lewis Carroll's Alice In Wonderland is broadly expressed the whole film an ironic reversal of Alice's adventures: Special Note About the Sites. You can check ou the site and download the document here. Now in "official screenplay" format. And it's sad to see that with the amount of dissing the sequels got, there hadn't been any truly significant additions to the franchise, and all Matrix fans are left wanting more and more, without our thirst quenched.

Fortunately there are still some good folks out there who aren't satisfied waiting around for something to happen, and instead shares their insights and acts to continues to propagating the concept.

One recent piece is a wonderfully crafted alternate version of the third episode of the Matrix Trilogy, called Matrix Rememory by P. A copy of the screenplay can be downloaded from matrixrememory. Check it out; you won't regret it. Then spread the word. Wood had spent a lot of time on it and is trying to expose it to as many people as possible, a laudable story to add to a mighty worthy cause to sustain a stagnating classic.

What amazes me is that although many others have seen reflections of their tradition or religion in the story, I have not found anyone who supports the view that the myth is a portrait of the perennial philosopher-- self. It seems so clear to me-- once the interpreter adopts the allegorical mapping of Matrix humans to elements of our interior and Matrix programs to the more exterior aspects of our biologic machinery, the rest follows "logically. I can't believe others don't see this.

Check it out here: Sam Vaknin examines the concept and manifestations of reality from the context of The Matrix, including how choice, and the interaction between a system and its participants influence, affect, and ultimately determine its destiny. It is easy to confuse the concepts of "virtual reality" and a "computerized model of reality simulation ". The former is a self-contained Universe, replete with its "laws of physics" and "logic". It can bear resemblance to the real world or not.

It can be consistent or not. It can interact with the real world or not. In short, it is an arbitrary environment. In contrast, a model of reality must have a direct and strong relationship to the world. It must obey the rules of physics and of logic.

The absence of such a relationship renders it meaningless. A flight simulator is not much good in a world without airplanes or if it ignores the laws of nature.

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Dr. Sam Vaknin examines the concept and manifestations of reality from the context of The Matrix, including how choice, and the interaction between a system and its .

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- This essay will examine the philosophical questions raised in the movie The Matrix. It will step through how the questions from the movie directly relate to both skepticism and the mind-body problem, and further how similarly those problems look to concepts raised by both Descartes’ and Plato’s philosophies.

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Keywords: matrix film analysis, the matrix analysis, the matrix essay. This report is based on Matrix movie. The Matrix movie is a science fiction-action film which was released in America on March 31, The Matrix Essay - The Matrix The Matrix is a science fiction movie about artificial intelligence computers replacing mankind. I believe that this movie is a common type of display from the media is common paranoia so that they can get a reaction from people and sell their story.

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Read this essay on The Matrix Essay. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more. Only at". Film Analysis of The Matrix Essay Words | 4 Pages. Film Analysis of The Matrix The Matrix is a movie about computers taking over the world and how one man changes everything. The opening shot is a shot of computer generated pixels, next there is a reverse zoom shot which reveals the word ‘searching’.