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Cultural Diversity and Values

❶Request Removal If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay published on the SpeedyPaper website then click on link below to request removal:. It captures how the group's members live, how they relate both with each other and with other groups, and how they perceive life.

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Cultural Diversity Essay
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Females tend to communicate moe indiectly and often devote consideable attention to the pesonal aspects of communications and the specific thoughts and feelings of the othe peson.

Males also tend to discuss abstact ideas and tangible things wheeas females tend to discuss people and elationships. Males ae moe likely to discuss things in impesonal ways wheeas females ae moe likely to establish pesonal appot befoe addessing impesonal issues.

I have had expeiences woking with females whee my focus on wok was peceived incoectly as coldness o unfiendliness because of the diffeences in ou pesonal styles that wee pobably functions of gende. Descibe thee baies to bidging diffeences. What stategies may…… [Read More]. Diversity of a Climate in an Organization.

Diversity of a climate in an organization is reflected in the attitudes of the organization's members towards diversity. As a manager, the diversity climate can be addressed by understanding the level of diversity in the organization, its diversity climate and then implementing strategies to improve both.

There are significant benefits to improving an organization's diversity climate. A superior diversity climate has been found to improve the recruitment, promotion and retention of top talent, particularly where that talent is minority in origin Price et al. The first step to improving an organization's diversity climate is to develop a procedure for analyzing diversity in the organization.

The first layer is related to work status…… [Read More]. Diversity Education The American workplace has become increasingly diverse, a reflection of the American urban environment.

Diversity training serves a few different purposes in organizations. The first is that it promotes an atmosphere of tolerance in the company, but many scholars have also made a business case for diversity.

As awareness of diversity grows, and the case for diversity training increases, it is evident that more companies are including a diversity component in their training programs. Cultural Differences in Army Officers Every society is different from the other and arranges itself under some certain value and belief system. This belief system is the basic identity of any society or a group of people and is very central in developing them as human beings.

More importantly, it plays a significant role in developing the way these members of a society behave and how they interact with each other. One of these aspects which play a central role in the development of human behavior is Culture.

Culture is the fundamental characteristic that defines the way we behave and the way we interact with each other. The lack of knowledge regarding the other person culture can result in the serious lack of judgment regarding the true meaning of someone's gesture and this misinterpretation can go a long way in harming any society or a relationship between two people. Diversity in Multicultural Business Globalization. Companies will need to look at regional and national differences, and draw on the similarities between countries to enhance their competitive advantages Powell, It is clear that as company, like WTI grows globally, they will benefit from a multicultural workforce.

They must put managerial, educational, and cultural proactiveness in place, which will not only improve their opportunities for greater worldwide competition, but by bringing establishing a multicultural workforce, they also improve the interrelationships between their employees.

Employees who do this, learn to communicate and other points-of-view and opinions. By doing this WTI, and other large companies, poise themselves to become successful in the emerging globalize culture of the 21st century. Using Innovative Human Resource Techniques to Manage Diversity - Human resource management, whether specifically titles or not, has been a part of any organization's management since groups banded together for specific tasks.

Ancient armies, projects, and even educational and…… [Read More]. Diversity and Individual Differences in. In this way, management should make an effort not only to understand the market within which they operate, but also the representation of this market in their employee base. Through making a conscious attempt to look beyond immediate personality preference, the manager can benefit the small or medium business by cultivating not only his own, but the rest of the employees' intercultural undersatnding and empathy.

To do this, it is suggested by HR Magazine to focus on the skills needed to do the job rather than a specific personality type to "fit in" with the company culture. If the company is to diversify and grow - issues that are important to the small or medium business - it is important to change paradigms and widen perceptions in terms of race, religion and culture. The Quest for Equality within organizations Equality is perhaps the greatest and most long-standing quest of…… [Read More].

Diversity Cultural and Individual Diversity. Managerial Behaviors and Job Performance: Black Enterprise, 36, An Ecosystems Approach to Diversity Management. Social Work, 45 4 , Toward a…… [Read More].

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As Leavy explains, adding social value along with economic value promotes profit and growth within a company Leavy, How did Starbucks grow to be so successful and synonymous with quality? The history of Starbucks shows the beginnings of what would one day be a worldwide, easily recognizable brand. As well as in recent history, Starbucks proves it will continue to be the brand for quality coffee for the masses.

Starbucks first opened its doors almost half a century ago, 43 years to be precise. They had a single store consisting of a roaster and retailer of ground coffee, whole beans, spices, and tea. From there after four decades, the company owns 21, retail stores in sixty-three countries with , employees.

Most of those retail stores lie in the United States with 12, in total, making it one of the largest coffee chains worldwide. The company's mission statement is to nurture and inspire the human spirit, one cup, one person, and one neighborhood at a time Morais et al. Along with its history of ethical practices such as farmer loans and conservation, Starbucks wishes to focus on embracing diversity by including inclusion and diversity into the fundamentals of their leadership competencies.

This means they expect all leaders to practice an inclusion. Employees' attitudes towards diversity in a non-ewestern context. Employee Relations, 32 1 , Making the difference -- " critical perspectives on the configuration of work, diversity and inequalities.

Equal Div And Incl: An Int J, 32 6. Leisure managers' perceptions of employee diversity and impact of employee diversity. International Journal Of Hospitality Management, 32, Retrieved 7 November , from http: Discovering Right and Wrong, 3rd edition. Facing the Challenge of Cultural Diversity. Public attitudes towards cultural authority and cultural diversity in higher education and the arts. Retrieved December from http: Expanding multicultural education to include family diversity.

Multicultural Education,13 2 , Retrieved August from ProQuest. Resources and Services Administration http: These and many more substantive readings from research are listed by the author for assimilating culture-centric education.

I would seek to be more sensitive to unaccultured ethnic minority clients. In addition, I would use discretion in cases where patients of a particular community or ethnicity are prone to certain clinical problems for which I would study the ethnic group and its history in more depth and if certain ethnic groups respond poorly to EBT Evidence-based Treatment.

An organizational impression management approach to attracting minority and female job applicants. The role of multicultural competence and emotional intelligence in managing diversity. Cultural diversity in organizations: Theory, research and practice.

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New Defendants, New Responsibilities: Retrieved November 21, from www. Social Psychology Network, Multicultural Education, Transformative Knowledge, and Action. Culturally Sensitive Treatment and Ethical Practice. Issues in Multicultural Counseling. Retrieved from Eric Digests: A new cultural policy for the United States. Retrieved November from http: Association of International Educators. An international education policy for U. What is it, who makes it, why does it matter?

Its politics of participation, its creative potential. A study of Constituent Factors. Jornal of Management Research, 1 4 , Influences of culture on the style of business behavior between Western and Arab managers.

An empirical examination of cultural networks and organizational structures as governance mechanisms in multinational corporations. New challenges to international marketing. Emerald Group Publishing Limited. A short course in international marketing: Approaching and penetrating the global marketplace. Naturally, those perceptions and expectations conflict with decision-making based on objective merit or the value actually contributed by individuals to the group.

Sources Consulted Healey, J. The vital attribute is to fulfill the requirements of writing an essay perfectly by understanding the essay subject.

Ask a few questions that are related to cultural diversity and you will get grounds to construct unique essay content and bring out your talent and thoughts comprehensively. Consider this before writing an essay on cultural diversity for your school, college or university:. And what problems they have faced? Similarly, cultural diversity at large businesses could be a great achievement , if written perfectly:. A cultural diversity essay should be written under the supervision of your tutor.

If, in any case, it is not available then, try to research and read more about different cultural attributes and their impacts on others. According to the Center for Disease Control, Hispanic women are one of the fastest growing Aids populations in the country. Hispanic women are less likely to do self breast exams or get annual Pap smears contributing to the rise in cervical cancer and delayed diagnosis of breast cancer in this cultural group Galanti, It is especially important for nurses to establish good communication with the Hispanic patient.

Personalismo personal, intimate relationship is very important in many Hispanic cultures Galanti, By developing a trusting relationship with the nurse, a Hispanic patient may open up nd discuss with the nurse private issues such as emotional or sexual problems, sexual abuse, or domestic violence that would otherwise go untreated and unrecognized.

Conclusion As nurses we take care of patients and families from many different countries biases. We must recognize these so we do not impose our beliefs on those with different cultural beliefs and values. In reading this article I became more aware of the strong cultural beliefs of the Hispanic culture their impact healthcare delivery. Simple things like involving the whole family in the care of the patient can helps stablish a trust between the health caregiver and the patient, The patient will therefore be more open to healthcare advise and more compliant with their treatment regimen.

Various ethnic groups have different social and cultural experiences and our increased cultural knowledge and empathy, of these ethnic heritages of our patients is essential for the promotion of trusting, positive relationships with our clients Baker Focusing on cultural diversity prevents us from stereotyping our patients and helps us mold our care to the individual beliefs and values of each patient.

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Essay on Diversity in the Workplace

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- Cultural Diversity in The Nibelungenlied, Beowulf, and Gilgamesh Cultural diversity is something that mankind has experienced since the dawn of time. Different cultures and different people have different .

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How important is it for managers today to have a good understanding of cultural diversity in the workplace? Introduction of Cultural Diversity "Cultural diversity" is the joint of human societies or cultures in a specific region, or in the world as a whole. (The term is also sometimes used to refer to multiculturalism within an organization.

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Mar 13,  · Power of Cultural Diversity Cultural diversity is a powerful standard in human nature that stimulates the development of the stimuli that makes people worldwide diverse. It is the commercial growth, which means leading a more pleasantly passionate, ethical and spiritual life. In a society such as ours, during a new millennium, culture and lifestyles vary to the extreme. All across the world, there are many different cultures, and many of these people with different cultures live in the United States. Sometimes, I think we catch ourselves being close-minded about other /5(18).

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Essay on Cultural Diversity. Culture refers to the beliefs, ideas, traditions and behaviors portrayed by certain communities and are passed from one generation to the other. Cultural diversity involves the changes that have taken place comparing what was deeply rooted in culture in ancient times and how it has been changing with time. Essay on Cultural Diversity! Cultures change and cultural diversity is created, maintained and lost over time. Social learning and choosing, acquiring and assimilating and rejecting information and knowledge is a necessary aspect of the formation of cultural repertoire.