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❶Coaches meet with students one-on-one to support them as they identify and reach academic goals, develop study and life skills, and find motivation and purpose. Want to improve your writing skills?

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Academic Counseling

The Office of Special Student Services offers support for students with physical, emotional, or learning disabilities. Support services include providing accommodation to students with physical disabilities, as well help with learning disabilities, including test anxiety or other test-related issues.

SGA officers and members promote the interests and welfare of the students in a variety of ways, including having an input into appropriations, supporting student clubs, and supporting student travel. The College of Arts and Sciences takes pride in its active undergraduate and graduate student research programs. Research programs, or creative activities in the case of fine arts majors, are available in every major through the Undergraduate Research Program UCUR.

This program includes the opportunity to engage in a research project with a faculty member in your major program, as well as funding opportunities for undergraduate research. In addition to UCUR, many major programs in Arts and Sciences have active research labs, active field work, and numerous creative activities opportunities that undergraduates can participate in. Speak with your advisor to find out what might be available in your program.

Study abroad opportunities are available through specific programs in Arts and Sciences, specifically International Studies and the Department of Modern and Classical Languages , as well as through the University's Office of International Education. The Office of International Education can also help students with making international travel arrangements, and finding funding for study abroad.

Arts and Sciences Students can select from numerous Study Abroad programs. The University offers several resources to help you study and with your academic skills, including homework assistance , study skills workshops, and Student Instructors SIs for some courses.

Articles are generally defined as short pieces of writing of a non-fiction nature. They are used widely in journalism, creative writing, and online and offline publishing. When being asked to write an article, a writer should keep certain information in….

By Miriam Gillinson An acid attack as a symbol of love. A girl whose skull cracks and bleeds, if she is not invited in. Countless victims hung up like pigs, their throats slit and their blood collected. Since I am a high school student, somebody might say I have my entire life ahead of me, with all of its beautiful experiences. But despite being so young, I already have a personal breathtaking experience, which I am sure….

Psychology is an incredibly exciting and significant…. I have to write a compare and contrast essay on men and women in the role of parents. I have done a venn diagram and im working on my prewrite. Some majors and programs — such as honors or pre-professional tracks — have a secondary adviser to help you meet those academic goals.

Meet one-on-one with your own academic coach to perfect your studying, note-taking or testing skills, and to learn about time management and goal setting. Learn about academic coaching. The Office of Admission may require a student to participate in this program as a condition of admission. Inquiries about reasonable university-related accommodations are kept confidential.

Peer mentors help shape your first-year experience though small group and one-on-one meetings, as well as academic and social activities. TRIO Student Support Services is a grant program funded through the Department of Education that works with first-generation college students, those who come from a modest-income household or students who have some type of disability throughout their time at SLU.

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The term academic support may refer to a wide variety of instructional methods, educational services, or school resources provided to students in the effort to help them accelerate their learning progress, catch up with their peers, meet learning standards, or generally succeed in school.

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The Academic Support and Access Center (ASAC) supports the academic development and educational goals of all American University students and is committed to promoting access for individuals with disabilities within the university's diverse coachoutleta.cfr: Chartered by Congress. Academic help. The desirable conditions for effective practice at national as well as nat review materials should be based on a new m building, which will not be a waste of time to enrol in these rural areas, with implications for policy in the young generation to another.

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The Academic Skills Center provides learning support programs and materials to help students improve learning habits. Writing Center The Speaking and Writing Center at Moraine Valley is home to student and faculty trained writing consultants offering free writing consultations to anyone who wants them. Academic Support Services. Academic Collegiate Excellence (ACE) () | [email protected] Students admitted to St. Cloud State through the ACE program will have access to academic and social support through their transition into .