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Can someone help me with my ratio and proportion homework ?

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help with ratios homework
Ratio and Rates Word Problems
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This process involves multiplying the two extremes and then comparing that product with the product of the means. An extreme is the first number 4 , and the last number x , and a mean is the 1 or the The process is very simple if you remember it as cross-multiplying, because you multiply diagonally across the equal sign.

You should then take the two products, 12 and 4x, and put them on opposite sides of an equation like this: Reading back over the problem we remember that x stood for the number of cars possible with 12 tires, and that is our answer. It is possible to have many variations of proportions, and one you might see is a double-variable proportion.

It looks something like this, but it easy to solve. You've now completed this lesson, so feel free to browse other pages of this site or search for more lessons on proportions. We cover a wide range of subjects and Financial Statement is one of them.

That being said, for your benefit, here is a small discussion on Market Based Ratios. What are Market Based Ratios? For a stock analyst to understand how a company is valued by other investors, he or she has to look at the market based ratios. The one common factor between all these measures is that, they are evaluating the balance between the current market price of a common stock share and the assets of the company or an indicator of the ability of the company to generate profit.

Some of the Market Based Ratios are:. They provide an insight into the premiums the investors would be ready to pay. The PEG, or price to earnings growth ratio enables the analyst to judge the values more accurately. While some investors look for a regular income from a stock, other investors wish to secure capital gains.

Consider teaspoon of baking soda. Consider sticks of unsalted butter. Consider cup of granulated sugar. Consider teaspoon of pure vanilla extract. Therefore the 50 servings requires the following amount ingredients. For 50 servings of cookies requires the following amount ingredients: Most popular tags solving-equations system-of-equations math slope-intercept-form functions physics homework-help trigonometric-identities integration limits substitution-method elimination-method electrical.

One ounce bag semisweet chocolate chips. Please log in or register to add a comment. Please log in or register to answer this question. Consider teaspoon of baking soda 2. Consider Large eggs 5 Large eggs. Consider teaspoon of pure vanilla extract 2. Related questions Ratios and Proportions help?


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Ratio is the comparison of one thing to the other thing. It is a mathematical statement or an expression. Proportion is an equation where two ratios are equal.

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A proportion occurs when two ratios are forced to be equal to each other. This selection will allow you to find a second ratio that is in the same proportion as the first. Since a ratio is made up of two numbers, and a proportion compares 2 ratios, we ’ ll be dealing with 4 numbers here, 2 for each ratio.

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Proportions and Ratios Definition of Ratio. A ratio is a relationship between two values. For instance, a ratio of 1 pencil to 3 pens would imply that there are three times as many pens as pencils. When two ratios are equal, then the cross products of the ratios are equal. That is, for the proportion, a:b = c:d, a x d = b x c Homework Help | Pre-Algebra | Ratios and Proportions.

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Ratios and proportions are common ways to compare numbers. They have many mathematical applications. They can be set up with variables, and solved. KS3 / GCSE ratio and proportion worksheets ideal for revision or homework. There is a self-assessment section at the end of each worksheet/5(13).