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NYU Requirements for Admission

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❶None of these credits can substitute for any specific departmental course or requirement such as one of the core requirements ; they simply count as generic POL-UA credit.

Admissions Rate: 35%

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Again, admitted students will have roughly two to three weeks to review their financial aid package before confirming their enrollment at NYU. We believe that part of our commitment to Early Decision applicants is indeed to provide an early decision; for that reason, we typically either admit or deny Early Decision candidates and do not waitlist them. NYU uses the same methodology in providing financial aid for Early Decision candidates as we do in providing financial aid for Regular Decision candidates.

Students are not offered more or less financial aid based on when they apply for admission. For Early Decision II candidates, we use this information to provide admitted students with an estimated financial aid package after February 15th.

Students will only be released from the Early Decision agreement if they believe their estimated financial aid package does not enable them to attend. Students must be aware that applying Early Decision will not enable them to compare financial aid packages from other universities. If comparing financial aid packages will be necessary for a student, the student should apply under our Regular Decision program.

NYU will still reserve the majority of our admission offers for students applying for Regular Decision, so students should not feel pressure to apply Early Decision if finances are of concern.

A student may be admitted by transfer from another college or university in September, January, or May. See "the admission process," above. Credit will be granted for most collegiate work completed with a grade of C or better within the last 10 years that satisfies degree requirements and that falls within the residency requirement, with the exception of certain courses of a vocational nature or courses not consistent with the educational objectives of the College. Within these provisions, applicants from regionally accredited colleges are eligible for admission.

Except when specifically noted, the general procedures described for entering freshmen apply to all applicants seeking to transfer from other two-year or four-year regionally accredited institutions. Transfer applicants must submit official credentials and transcripts from all institutions attended, including secondary school transcripts.

Transfer applicants who took the SAT or ACT exams while in high school should submit their test results as part of their application.

Transfer applicants who did not take these exams while in high school and have been in college less than one year must follow the testing requirements listed on the admissions website. Credit may be awarded for satisfactory work completed at another accredited college or university.

When a transfer applicant is admitted to the College, the applicant's official college transcript s is are examined carefully to determine how much, if any, advanced standing will be granted. Each individual course completed elsewhere is evaluated. In granting advanced standing, the following are considered: Point credit toward the degree is given only for a grade of C or better and provided that the credit fits into the selected program of study and courses were completed within the past 10 years.

Quarter hours will be converted to semester hours to determine the number of credits transferable to NYU. Credits based on semester hours will be transferred at face value to NYU. As with all other students, transfer students are required to fulfill the residency requirement. All degree candidates are subject to the following residency requirement: They must complete at least 64 consecutive points of course work in residence at the College immediately preceding the date of graduation and are permitted to transfer a maximum of 64 credits to NYU.

A tentative statement of advanced standing is provided to each transfer student upon notification of admission to the College. A final statement of advanced standing is provided during the student's first semester of matriculation. Requests for reevaluation of transfer credit must be made within the semester during which the final statement of advanced standing is received.

Thereafter, a student's advanced standing credits may be changed only with the written permission of the Office of the Dean. Students who wish to transfer from school to another within the University must file an Internal Transfer Application online prior to the application deadline November 1 for the spring term and March 1 for the summer or fall term.

Students who have received a high school diploma may register as special students in undergraduate courses for which they meet the prerequisites and that are still open after matriculated students have registered. Graduates of accredited four-year colleges, including the College of Arts and Science and other schools of New York University, may register as special students in undergraduate courses for which they meet the prerequisites and that are still open after matriculated students have registered.

Such a student should submit proof of his or her degree and an application for admission as a special postgraduate student. The application form can be obtained online. Deadlines for applications are as follows: Applicants to New York University who are neither U.

Please indicate on the application for admission your country of citizenship, and if you are currently residing in the United States, your current visa status. Freshman applicants those who are currently attending or who have previously completed secondary school only seeking to begin studies in the fall September semester must submit applications and all required credentials on or before the application deadline that corresponds to their selected notification plan November 1 for Early Decision I, and January 1 for Early Decision II and Regular Decision.

Transfer applicants those who are currently attending or who have previously attended university or tertiary school must submit applications and all required credentials on or before April 1. Transfer candidates seeking admission for the spring January semester must submit their applications and credentials on or before November 1.

Applications will not be processed until the Office of Undergraduate Admissions receives all supporting credentials. All freshman applicants are required to submit official test results. Please visit the Admissions website to learn about the admissions requirements. If the applicant's secondary education culminated in a maturity certificate examination, he or she is required to submit an official copy of the grades received in each subject.

All documents submitted for review must be official; that is, they must be either originals or copies certified by authorized persons. A "certified" photocopy or other copy is one that bears either an original signature of the registrar or other designated school officials or an original impression of the institution's seal. Uncertified photocopies are not acceptable. If these official documents are in a foreign language, they must be accompanied by an official English translation.

Information concerning these examinations may be obtained by visiting the website. To submit results from the other examinations, students must select "New York University" from the agency's list of recipients. Financial documentation is not required when filing an application.

If the student is accepted, instructions for completing the Application for Certificate of Eligibility AFCOE online will be included in the acceptance packet. Appropriate evidence of financial ability must be submitted with the AFCOE to the Office of Global Services in order for the appropriate visa document to be issued. If the applicant's studies are being financed by means of his or her own savings, parental support, outside private or government scholarships, or any combination of these, he or she must arrange to send official letters or similar certification as proof of such support.

The American Language Institute of the School of Continuing and Professional Studies of New York University offers intensive courses in English for students with little or no proficiency in the language. It also offers the Advanced Workshop Program in English for students with substantial English proficiency but insufficient proficiency for undertaking a full-time academic program.

Qualified students in this program can often combine English study with a part-time academic program. This combination may constitute a full-time program of study. The institute also offers specialized courses in accent reduction, grammar, and American business English. Individuals who wish to obtain additional information about the American Language Institute are invited to visit the office of the American Language Institute weekdays throughout the year between the hours of 9 a. Fridays until 5 p.

NYU Spring in New York offers college students from other institutions an opportunity to earn college credit and to experience academic life at New York University. They are also encouraged to participate in planned excursions around the city. The program is offered to students currently matriculated and in good standing at an accredited college or university within the United States with a competitive grade point average. Students must have at least sophomore standing in the academic year of participation.

New York University's January Term allows students more flexibility and new scheduling options. During this time, students can take advantage of intensive study at one of the foremost research and teaching universities in the United States, as well as have a chance to enjoy New York City during a bustling and exciting time of year. Oftentimes, the fall and spring semesters can be overly hectic for students, considering a full-time course load, student club responsibilities, work, and internship commitments.

This busy time doesn't always allow the freedom to explore a new academic interest or take advantage of the many cultural resources that originally drew them to New York City. January Term provides an array of courses enabling students to earn academic credit major, minor, or elective in courses that are in high demand, to accelerate degree completion, and to concentrate on personal interests.

Any former student who has been out of attendance for more than two consecutive terms and who wishes to return to the College must apply for readmission. Applications for readmission are available online.

See admission application filing deadlines above. Requests for readmission should be received by April 1 for the summer and fall terms and November 1 for the spring term, but will be considered after those deadlines on a space available basis. Students who have attended another college or university since their last attendance at New York University must complete the regular application for transfer admission and submit an official transcript.

The Advanced Placement AP Program College Entrance Examination Board , the International Baccalaureate IB Program, and the results of some foreign maturity certificate examinations enable undergraduate students to receive credit toward the bachelor's degree on the basis of performance in college-level examinations or proficiency examinations related to the College's degree requirements, subject to the approval of the College.

The maximum number of credits allowed toward the degree requirements of the College that are a result of any possible combination of nonresident special examination programs plus previous coursework, if applicable and approved shall not exceed a total of The College recognizes, for advanced standing credit, higher-level examinations passed with grades of 6 or 7. No credit is granted for standard-level examinations. Official reports must be submitted to the Undergraduate Admissions Processing Center for review.

See the chart below concerning those IB test scores for which credit is given. The College will consider the results of certain foreign maturity certificate examinations for advanced standing credit. Official reports must be submitted to the Undergraduate Admissions Processing Center. These documents will be added to the student record, but advanced standing credit for all examinations other than AP and IB will be awarded by the College Advising Center, Silver ; See the chart below for details on those A Level and Cambridge Pre-U test scores for which credit is given.

For the other maturity examinations, please note that not every subject is awarded credit by the College. Creditworthy results earn 8 points each. Credit is awarded on the basis of scores on part one a test of written Italian and part two one subject tested in depth, which rotates from year to year.

Each of these two sections can yield 4 points, with a minimum score requirement of 13 out of a possible Neither part three of the written test nor the oral portion of the exam yields any points.

In accordance with New York University policy, students may receive college credit toward their degree for test results of 5 or 4, depending on the subject examination. Other exams do not have a specific course equivalent and cannot count toward a major or minor, but award elective credit that students can count toward the points required for the baccalaureate degree. In many cases, students receiving credit toward their degree are advised not to take the corresponding college-level course for credit.

If they do, they will lose the AP credit. See the chart below concerning those AP test scores for which credit is given. The chart also lists those tests for which College Core Curriculum equivalencies and exemptions are granted.

For additional information, students should consult the Office of Undergraduate Admissions online or by telephone at AP credit never counts toward the minor.. Students who are not prehealth can apply these credits towards majors and minors in the Department of Biology. Does not count toward any majors or minors in the Departments of Biology and Chemistry, and cannot serve as a co- or prerequisite to any course in either department.

AP credits in Chinese and Japanese satisfy the Core requirement in foreign language but cannot be used for placement in the correct level of study. Credits cannot be applied to the East Asian studies major or minor.

Credit does not count toward the major or minor in environmental studies. Credit can count as an elective toward the history major but not toward the history minor. No more than 4 AP credits can be applied toward the major. Students wishing to continue Latin must consult the classics department for proper placement. AP credit will not reduce the number of courses required for the major or minor. Counts as elective credit toward the baccalaureate degree, but the credits do not count toward the music major or minor.

Students cannot receive credit for either or both of Physics 1, 2 and Physics C. Students may count eight AP points the equivalent of two courses towards the politics major and four AP points the equivalent of one course towards the minor. None of these credits can substitute for any specific departmental course or requirement such as one of the core requirements ; they simply count as generic POL-UA credit. Students who intend to enroll in Spanish must register for Advanced Grammar and Composition SPAN-UA and on the first day of classes take an in-class exam to finalize proper course placement.

This may result in dropping to a lower level and losing the AP credit. AP scores over 18 months old cannot be used for placement. Students who intend to enroll in Spanish must take an advanced language placement exam at the Spanish department not the online placement and consult with the director of the Spanish language program.

Students who intend to enroll in Spanish must take an advanced language placement exam at the Spanish department not the online placement and consult with the director. Satisfies the first semester of the psychology major's statistics requirement and counts toward the major. Credit counts toward the major in sociology, but does not count toward the majors in economics and international relations or toward the minor in business studies.

A language denoted as "B" was studied as a second language; one denoted as "A" is one's native language, or a language in which one has near-native fluency. Students with "A" language credits who intend to register for the language must first take the CAS placement exam or consult with the department. Within three weeks of the application deadline, NYU will let you know that we have received your application and give you information about how to track your status.

Please submit only documents or copies that you can replace because NYU does not return application documents. NYU offers a limited window to submit anything that might be missing from your application.

NYU prohibits any form of discrimination in our admission process. Review our non-discrimination and affirmative action policies. Invited visits to Abu Dhabi and Shanghai campuses. Please note that you cannot request an invitation to these special visits.

NYU occasionally invites candidates to interview with us online not on campus. NYU will contact you if you are invited. Applicants cannot request interviews. Please only send supplementary materials DVDs, pictures, articles, etc.

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