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Multiculturalism Critical Essays

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❶In the early 20th century, educator John Dewey and social worker Jane Addams both expressed concern about the loss of the cultural values of immigrants through assimilation.


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Types of Multiculturalism

At the end of World War II they were finally given a…. This is an assertion alleged by many. But is it true? And what on earth is a multi-cultural society? A multi-cultural society is a society containing several representations of different cultures.

To understand it better, we also will…. In the classrooms and schools today, cultural diversity is rising. The biggest challenge for teachers in our schools today and within the classrooms is how to amend their curriculum to meet all the needs of the students in the relation of culture.

For a teacher in a multicultural diverse classroom, a teacher needs to augment…. Every Canadian community is a gold mine of diverse people, cultures, traditions, and history. Rediscovering their wealth goes to the heart of our Canadian nature. It is the knowledge and high regard of their roots and sense of belonging at home, school, place of work, or place of worship, to name only a few, that…. Before I begin discussing these two topics, we must fully understand what they mean.

The definition in the dictionary states that, multiculturalism consists of, relates to, or is designed for the cultures of several different races. Whereas the word melting pot is not a term used in the dictionary. For the purpose of this assignment…. An interesting concept, the idea of culture is hard to define. What exactly is culture? How does it affect us? Canada is a very interesting country, mainly due to its diversity. The weather in Canada can be both freezing and very hot.

Some land is rocky and mountainous, while other places are composed of flat, rolling hills. As the time spent on travel between countries has become markedly shorter with the introduction of newer and faster means of transportation, the number of people migrating from one country to another has iany multicultural increased dramatically.

A multicultural society can be defined as a society or group of people from various backgrounds and ethics…. Current trends of an increasingly multicultural society emphasize the need for nursing education programs that effectively address cultural issues.

To understand the diverse cultural backgrounds of clients, nurses must strive to be culturally competent Marcinkiw Cultural competence requires the building of cultural awareness, knowledge, skill, encounters, and desire in the nurse. This phenomenon began to be reflected both in cultural and in political life, and therefore became an inevitable phenomenon of the present.

This topic is also reflected in the sphere of education. Members of colleges and universities usually receive tasks to prepare multiculturalism essay topics. Apart from that, it will enable estimating the knowledge perceived by a student after the finishing of a particular course of studies. Preparation of an excellent essay on multiculturalism thematics demands thorough and scrupulous approach. For that reasons, a student-writer has to take into account many nuances that will lead him to a perfect assignment.

Primary, one has to pick a broad and catchy topic. It will define the whole process of writing. Among the most popular issues connected to the multiculturalism, one can find multiculturalism in America essay, its role in education, multicultural society, culture and politics, the advantages of multicultural society, etc. After that, one has to conduct small research allowing to gather the necessary info. Those against multiculturalism usually express concern about one or more of its aspects: Large-scale immigration fuels the debate over multiculturalism perhaps more than any other element.

The presence of newcomers dissimilar from the native population typically generates negative reactions that can range from suspicion and anxiety to outright hostility.

Prompting this response might be resentment against the changing nature of society, fears about economic competition jobs, wages , or increased social welfare costs borne by taxpayers. Newcomers normally speak their own language with compatriots and only slowly acquire mastery of the new language. In the United States, where most native-born Americans are monolingual, the presence of so many individuals with limited English proficiency—compounded by bilingual education and signs—raises the ire of many who insist on rapid assimilation.

A good example is passage by 30 states of official English laws to reduce the language aspect of multiculturalism. When people assume the homogeneity of their culture even though most societies have heterogeneous subcultures , they have a sense of a national identity, a feeling that they share with their fellow citizens a commonality of values and practices.

If too many others speak a different language, hold beliefs unlike theirs, and do not identify with or participate in mainstream social institutions, the native population fears a loss of social cohesion and national identity.

Most difficult to overcome of all objections to multiculturalism is a growing presence of racial minorities, especially if it is a significant demographic change or occurs in a previously homogeneous region. Except for extremist group members, few talk openly about race in their opposition to multiculturalism. Yet racial bias is often a prime factor. Whether subtle or overt, peaceful or violent, racial animosities are another manifestation of opposition to multiculturalism.

Switzerland, never ethnically homogeneous, has long been the prototype of a multicultural nation. It has four official languages German, French, Italian, and Rumantsch , is home to multiple religions, has a 20 percent foreign-born population, and its Cantons cities have substantial autonomy.

Although all ethnic groups live a peaceful coexistence, in reality they lead parallel, separate lives, not ones within a fully integrated society. Its German majority 64 percent of the population lives mostly in the northern and central regions; its dominant French minority 20 percent are mostly in the western region; its Italian minority 7 percent reside mostly in the southern region; and those speaking Rumantsch less than 1 percent live mostly in the southeastern region.

English is the unofficial fifth language, both in the corporate world and in popular culture. Recognizing the linguistic and cultural diversity among their indigenous, immigrant, and immigrant-descendant populations, both Canada in and Australia in —two major immigrant-receiving nations—adopted multiculturalism as official national policy.

Today both countries have the most fully evolved implementation of multicultural policies, but they also have numerous critics and organized opposition, leading both countries to temper their policies somewhat. For example, Quebec now uses the term intercultural instead of multicultural, and the Australian government in renamed its Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

With low birth rates and a growing labor shortage, most European countries sought foreign workers to meet their economic needs. Creation of the European Union EU —and the free movement of its citizens to live, travel, and work anywhere within its confines— led to its rapid adoption by most member states. However, a growing concern about unassimilated immigrant communities, particularly Islamic, led to reversals in official endorsement of multiculturalism.

Denmark and the Netherlands recently returned to an official policy of monoculturalism preservation of the native culture and exclusion of foreign influences. Other countries—notably France, Germany, and the United Kingdom—have been considering similar reversals.

Evolution of the Concept of Multiculturalism

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Multiculturalism is a controversial issue in America. Some people think that multiculturalism is negative, whereas some others think that multiculturalism is positive. In my opinion, I agree with the second view, that multiculturalism is positive. Multiculturalism is diversity .

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Free Multiculturalism papers, essays, and research papers. Multiculturalism in Education - Multiculturalism is not just a concept, it is an important term for teachers to integrate into their daily classroom instruction.

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The Multivisions of Multiculturalism Essay Words | 14 Pages The Multivisions of Multiculturalism ABSTRACT: The questions suggested by the term "multiculturalism" range far and wide, embracing: questions of inclusion; questions of criteria; questions of self . Multiculturalism Late-twentieth-century literary, pedagogic, and social movement. A literary and social ideology that presupposes that all cultural value systems are equally worthy of study, multiculturalism has permeated numerous aspects of American life since the s.

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Multiculturalism has brought about many benefits to many countries across the world, in Canada there are many different races from African, Indian, Latin, Asian etc. we can give Canada as an example because it is the most Multicultural Country in the World. Multiculturalism Essay Multiculturalism is a belief, ideology, movement, or policy that has several interpretations, but essentially advocates the peaceful coexistence of different cultural, ethnic, and/or racial groups within a single society interacting with one another on a mutually respectful, equal basis.