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jack the ripper coursework

An introduction to the Whitechapel Murders

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Long gave the description of one. The police made use of many methods to try and catch the killer but they were all to no avail. One of the things that the police was to circulate leaflets around to the general public. Source F is the leaflet distributed to over 80, households in hopes of catching the murderer. The leaflet contains dates of the first four murders starting from Polly Nicholls and it is suggesting that the killer lives in Whitechapel.

It is asking for people to come forward and report anybody suspicious. This is a good idea as it would save the police from interviewing everyone in Whitechapel but the public did help the police as they came up with too many false witnesses and they gave information on people who acted the slightest unusual. Source G is part of a letter from the Home Secretary to the mile end vigilance committee on 17 September The Home Secretary states that offering a reward would mean people would make false accusations on innocent people just for the money.

The police were asking permission to offer reward to anyone who gives information on the killer but they were declined. This would have been a good idea as they would get a list of suspects but the public would give information on anyone just to get the money and this would leave the police in a bigger state of confusion. The police also requested for more men both uniformed and plain clothed so there can more of a chance to catch the killer.

This was definitely a good idea as there were more men patrolling the area and there were more chances of spotting the killer. However this method proved to be insufficient as the killer was not seen the police, both uniformed and plain clothed. This was a very good idea and it is still used today to track down suspects but this also failed to catch the notorious Whitechapel, murderer.

Although this did prove that the killer murdered his victims rather stealthily as to not get any blood on himself. The police also put their time and effort into interviewing over a thousand lodgers in the area of Whitechapel. This does not seem like a good idea as all the murders had taken place on the weekend or on a holiday suggesting that the killer was from out of town or that he had a job meaning that he would have his own house.

One of the stranger things the police did was use silent boots. There logic was that the killer would here the police man approach and so the killer would not run away. This obviously did not help the police catch the killer.

These boots also cause pain to the officers as they were uncomfortable. Autopsies were carried out and police photographed each scene. Detailed interviews were conducted throughout the area and existing mental patients and those with a history of violence were investigated. Also the police offered pardons to accomplices willing to come forward with information. The police tried almost everything they could to try and catch the killer during the murders but the facilities that police had were just not enough and most of the time criminals were caught red handed or they would most likely escape.

The Whitechapel murders were something that the police have never experienced, they do not know of killing without reason or serial killing. As you have seen, the police tried various methods to try and catch the murderer but they were all a failure and that is due to the following reasons. The killer was a mad-man. This is what everybody believed in White chapel, that someone who kills for his own pleasure has to be foaming at the mouth, this was the perceived of Jack the ripper.

He was seen as a man who could not keep his emotions in check and who was a basic raving lunatic. Zoom in on the coat rack. Go to outside from the middle door. Go to the next street. Click on the ticket counter. Go back to outside the terminal.

Click on the hotspot. Return to the terminal. Zoom in the ticket counter C. Pay for the ticket with the COIN. Click to rotate the sections of the image until you can see the door.

Use the line of the crack in the opening door to help you line up the images. Click on the bookshelf. Sort the middle row of books into the correct order. Click on any two books to switch them. Once the books are in the correct place, they cannot be moved again.

The Roman numeral books go on the left side and the Arabic numbered books go on the right side. See the screenshot for the solution. Zoom in on the table F. Click on the book and get the recipe for laudanum. Zoom in on the sideboard G. Zoom in the skull H. Open the chest with the key. Zoom in to the mirror. Click on the symbols to collect them once you are finished.

Find 13 number 13s throughout the scene. Enter the door that has just opened behind the symbols. Click on the woman O. Go through the door P. Inspector Abberline Enter the police station. Enter the room on the left. Zoom in the cabinet A to the right. Open the cabinet with the KEY.

Zoom in on the desk B. Open the left drawer with the new KEY. Zoom in to the notes. Exit the desk scene. Zoom in the map C. Click on the London hospital. Zoom in the boxes D. Zoom in the bicycle E. Zoom in on the ground H. Click on the grain to move it aside. Back out to the main office. Zoom in the drawers I. Zoom in the desk J. Click on the notes and click on them again. Click and drag the photos into the correct positions for the two murders. Start with the date at the top, then the victim, the location, the murder weapon and finally the symbol found.

A Close Shave Zoom in on the map K. Click on the London Hospital. Zoom in the ground L. Zoom in on the ground M. Go forward to the next screen. Click on the New Cottage door. Open it and talk to the woman inside.

Move the sheet on the right to find the rest of the objects. Zoom in on the box N. Zoom in on the chair O. Zoom in on the door R. Zoom in on the hole Q. Zoom in on the bench S. Return to the previous scene up the stairs. Zoom in the box T.

Enter the barber shop again. Zoom in on the sink U. Zoom in on the door V. Open the door with the key. In the dark room, develop the photograph as before.

An Old Friend Click on the table to look at the book. Check the wedding register. Click on a tile of the image to make it slide into an adjacent empty slot. Rearrange the tiles in a way that completes the image. Start by putting the top row in order anywhere in the puzzle and they move them up to the top 3 positions. Next work on getting the left 3 squares correct without changing the top 3. Lastly rearrange the final 4 squares to solve the puzzle. The empty square will be in the bottom right corner.

See the screenshot for solved puzzle. Zoom in on the brick A. Zoom in the barrel B. Zoom in the sack C. Enter the next scene through the door in the middle, following the path.

Zoom in on the window in the ground level D. Zoom in on the foliage at the top of the window E. Click on the hotspot F. Click and drag a piece with the left mouse button. While dragging a piece, click right mouse button to rotate. Zoom in on the door. Click the door again and talk to the man. Go in the room to the left. After finding all of the objects you will be taken to the police station. Enter the police station and click on the hotspot to the right of the police officer.

Talk to the officer at the desk H. A Royal Affair Click on the bulletin board A. Read the notice on the board B. Enter the next room to the left and click on the map. Go to Anbury Street. Enter the door at H. Find all of the hidden objects. Leave the alley through the door.

Click on the barrel E. Click on the sack of cement F. Click on the drain below the window G. Click on the mattress H. Click on the pot I. Click on the window J. Click and drag the torn pieces of letter to put them back together again. The pieces will snap in place when you have the in the correct position. The pieces do not rotate. Use the different colors of the pieces and the shapes of the edge to help you solve the puzzle.

Enter the Ten Bells and click on the hot spot. Click on the floor in the corner of the room K. Exit the Ten Bells and click on the barrels outside L. Zoom in on the brick to the right X. Exit this area to the right. Click on the tree to the right and see the initials carved in the tree N. Click on the door and then zoom in on the plaque to the right O.

Use the KEY on the door to the right. Zoom in on the pew to the right Open the bible and collect the list. Zoom in on the table and click on the guest list. Exit the church and go back to the first street. Travel down the street to the next location P. Click on the hotspot in the corner. Click on the easel Q. Take the RAG and read the journal.

Click on the window R. Zoom in on the painting S. Use the RAG on the painting. Take the CODE from the corner of the painting. Zoom in on the briefcase T. Use the CODE on the briefcase to open it. Place the FILE back on the desk where you found it. Click and drag the photos into the correct positions for the three murders. The first two will be the same as the last time you did this. Start with the date at the top, then the victim, the location, then the other evidence found.

Docklands Click on the map. Collect the reward notice. You will be taken to the docks. Zoom in on the dock A. Click the hotspot to find out you need boards. Go to the area to the left B. Zoom in on the alleyway D. Zoom in on the barrel E. Zoom in on the door F. You cannot open the door because it is locked. Zoom in on the dock again. Click to enter the hotspot. Turn on thread page Beta Toggle.

Starting uni is full of surprises: Start new discussion Reply. Follow 1 Follow 2 PDF there's two mark schemes - the first one is for an assignment without sources, the second one is source based too bad, it doesn't really give grade boundaries still, hope you find it useful! Follow 3 Sorry for the late reply! Thank you so much for your help!

What made Jack the Ripper so sucessful? Are my grades good enough for Oxford? This forum is supported by: Can't stop stealing other girls' boyfriends.

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Dec 02,  · Your Jack the Ripper coursework will be a kind of an investigation coursework. So, our hints can be just in time for you. So, our hints can be just in time for you. Do you need several ideas to start writing your Jack the Ripper coursework?

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The public did not help the police in the investigation by giving false witnesses and accusations. The layout of White chapel was in such a way that it would be extremely easy for the ripper to escape.

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Sep 19,  · So pretty soon i have to write a few paragraphs on how policing was both effective and uneffective during the Jack The Ripper time period () Need some help! Could anyone please answer any of these questions or give info that might help? 1. What effective methods were used? Resolved. Essay Writing Guide. Learn the art of brilliant essay writing with help from our teachers. Learn more.

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Jack the Ripper COURSEWORK 1. From the source, we learn a number of things about the murder of Polly Nichols and Martha Tabram. We learn straight away in the first paragraph that the" two murders" were linked together, they "startled London". - Jack The Ripper Jack the Ripper, as he was rightly called, was an infamous murderer in London, England in , almost one hundred years ago. Jack the Ripper is by no stretch of the imagination the first serial killer ever, but the first to do so in a largely populated area, although it seemed he had no malice for other people.